Enter The Meddle And Vim (for the nth time)

So, if you have some experience in writing code, administrating an Unix-like OS or you are just a normal human being with some strange and unreasonable interests, you’ve heard of Vim. Every now and then you need to edit a configuration file on a remote server or to commit/merge changes on it, so you know some of the Vim’s magical commands: ‘i’ (insert mode) and ‘<esc>:wq’ (normal mode, save and exit)…

So… How about we make Vim your text editor of choice or even your IDE? Psycho CRUSHER!

This is my first post, I’m laying the grounds of the themes of this blog (one of them is Vim, apparently), so I want to tell you about myself…

I’m Nickolay Tzvetinov, a.k.a The Meddle, I’ve been playing with The Code for a long time, I began the battle with C and its derivative C++ (MFC, Visual Studio, GTK, sadness, despair…), then I dove in the Java world (Heavy IDEs, application servers, EJBs, Swing, pain…), I had my moments of enlightenment (I call them The Python Days) but now I’m free!
I code/read/think in Ruby, not only Rails, but I like Sinatra and the pure Rack, I use Javascript libraries like Ember JS, I’m in love with RSpec from the first moment we’ve met :)
And I found out that Vim is the tool/editor/browser/IDE that I need to do all of this.

I’ll show you how to use Vim to code/edit/merge, maybe I’ll show you how to extend Vim, I’ll show you some tricks with ruby and various libraries.

This is yet another tech blog for web developers, but the difference is that everything will be  presented through the canvas of Vim – magical but easy.

Oh, and I’m ethnic Bulgarian, live in Sofia, play guitar and like the sky.


One thought on “Enter The Meddle And Vim (for the nth time)

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